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JL Art Advisory - Retna

Art buying for personal acquisition is a subjective process. Our mission is to provide our clients with art selections that meet their aesthetic needs. From the secondary art market, to mid-career artists, emerging artists, and street artists, the opportunities are endless. We aim to break down these options and cater to your personal preferences.


Our services don’t just end with a transaction. We also consult with shipping, storage, installation, and framing needs. JLAA holds relationships with many shipping providers to help fulfill the best finished-touch solutions. 


In addition to gallery openings, art fairs have become very popular when buying art. This makes it easy for the very busy buyer to view art at a massive scale in one facility. Considering there is so much to see, we provide you with an itinerary prior to the fair. It includes introductory images so that the client is prepared for the show and can dictate their experience based on personal preference. We also keep you focused and guide you along in order to prevent impulsive, pressured purchases. 


JLAA always has your best interest at heart. We are not afraid to step in and ensure that our clients are getting the best deal possible. Post-fair, we follow through with every purchase and make sure it reaches you safely.

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